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Alcoholics Anonymous

Lesbian | Gay | Bisexual | Transgender | Queer | Intersex

Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous for the LGBTQI community.

We hope it may turn your life around.


Who We Are

Alcoholics Anonymous is a community support group available for any alcoholic - all day, every day - for no charge. We are solely dedicated to offering alcoholics an opportunity to develop a satisfying way of life free from alcohol.

What alcoholics find at Alcoholics Anonymous is other alcoholics sharing their recovery experience with anyone seeking help with a drinking problem.

This website provides some quick Alcoholics Anonymous basics:

Alcoholics Anonymous offers a range of other material, on-line and published, that provides full information about our program of recovery.

We hope this website can assist you or those you know who have a problem with alcohol. Should you seek further information about Alcoholics Anonymous, our contact details are below.​

Our Stories

Pride Parade

I Didn't Fit In

Before I got to AA, I did not feel like I matched up with anyone or fitted anywhere in society. I identified more with women than men but tried to accentuate the male by riding a motorbike with a shaved head and beard. It was not working; I had no place in life.

Double Life

As a teenager, people always seemed to be calling me a poofter. This made me very anxious and alcohol gave me the bravado to face such a hostile world. However, unnoticed, booze also gradually led me into a double life.

Lonely Man Leaning against an urban wall

Fear & Shame

I came to AA when I was 23 years of age. I had lost all ambitions for my life. I was no longer a gregarious, entertaining drunk. I drank alone in my bedroom. I was isolated from other lesbians, the gay community and my family. I was plagued by fear and shame.

Something Missing

Like a lot of people I started drinking in my teens, but rather than just having a few and stopping I always went in hard. I always drank to get drunk. I managed to keep a lid on things for a while, enjoyed a bit of a career as a performer and enjoyed life, I was flying but there was something missing.



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